Write For EAT


EAT accepts article and photo queries for both our website and print edition. However, space for the print edition is limited.


Article Submissions

For best opportunity please follow a few guidelines outlined below for your pitch:

  • Outline your idea in a paragraph or two. Include any planning you have done thus far in it. Example: if it is a travel article, and you had already visited a place or had already booked the destination for the article.

  • Use the subject “EAT Article Query”

  • please include sample writing pieces. If submitting an article with hopes for print, specify published works in either print or online.


Photo Submissions

  • Please include what it is that you wish to photograph.

-If you are wanting to cover an event on behalf of EAT, make sure to inquire at least 6 weeks in advance.

  • Include sample photos with EXIF data intact, or link to portfolio (preferably again with intact EXIF).

  • Subject line should read “EAT Photo Query”


Pre-written Submissions

If you have already written an article and wish to see it published follow the below guidelines with submitting:

  • We like to keep most of our web articles around 600 words. Longer articles tend to be broken up into segments for a series.
  • We do not do restaurant critiques on eatmagazine.ca.
  • URL links for any business names should be provided in the body of the article, in parentheses following the word that will act as a link.
  • Articles should be submitted with a title and one line descriptive subtitle.
  • Use the spelling and grammar check tool on your word processing application before submitting the article.
  • Please have a look at our website (www.eatmagazine.ca) to see what kind of articles we publish.
  • for print articles range from 600-1500 words

Note: EAT only accepts original, un-published content on submission, we do not re-print article.

All submissions go to editorial@eatmagazine.ca



Cynthia Annett-Hynes