Zaya 12 year old Estate Rum

Trinidad and Tobago


Monday is National Rum Day. Why can’t there be more holidays like this?

I had the good fortune of tasting this rum recently, and was completely blown away. If you think you know rum via Bacardi or Appleton’s, please try and seek out a sip of Zaya.

This premium rum is a blend of several rums aged a minimum of 12 years in small oak barrels, and distilled no less than 5 times – resulting in exceptionally luxurious and smooth sipping rum. Rich chestnut colour, this has warm aromas of roasted almond, hazelnut, vanilla and aged wood. The full-bodied spirit’s silken palate has rich toffee, molasses, cocoa, raisin, orange oil and sweet spice notes carrying through to the end of the vanillin lengthy finish. Please, please don’t mix this with Coca-Cola!  This has the sophistication of fine brandy, and would make a find post-dinner guest. I’m not one to sip rum – but hey – it’s a National holiday, so who am I to argue? Civic duty calls!

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