Granville Island Public Market: Top 10 Places to Eat and Shop

The entrance to Granville Market. Photos by Ellie Shortt

Vancouver’s Granville Island is truly one of the most unique and well-loved attractions of the city. In this small hub across the water from downtown, you’ll find amazing restaurants, adorable cafes, stunning galleries, connecting community spaces, a prominent art school, talented street performers and a modern and elegant boutique hotel. But perhaps one of the greatest attractions of this cultural hotspot is the Granville Island Public Market.

Here you’ll discover an endless variety of high quality local finds such as flowers, produce, baked goods, deli items and snacking selections. If you’re lucky enough to spend an entire week situated amongst the sights, sounds and experiences of Granville Island, our best recommendation is to try everything. But if you’re like most people and only have one afternoon wander the maze of the Public Market, we suggest these ten picks for your tasting pleasure.


Beans from Petit Ami. Photos by Ellie Shortt

Petit Ami:

This popular Granville Island stop works in conjunction with LosBeans, a family owned Vancouver-based coffee grower, roaster and green bean broker that provides organic, shade-grown, estate grown, bird-friendly and Rain Forest Alliance certified coffees from Mexico and around the world. Delicious and environmentally conscious, this is a good place to start to get that caffeine hit before beginning your market adventure.



Stuart’s Bakery:

Next stop, check out Stuart’s bakery and their large assortment of pastries, cookies, cakes and desserts, plus possibly the best granola that will ever pass your lips. In addition to these sweet selections, Stuart’s is now offering artisan breads that are handcrafted and baked in their Winkler Stone Deck Oven.


Taco salad with black beans from La Tortilleria

La Tortilleria

If you’re looking for more of a meal than a snack, check out La Tortilleria’s fresh Mexican fare including burritos and nachos. Or sample their extremely popular taco salad with lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and your choice of chicken, beef or beans, served in a crispy taco shell.


Fraser Valley Juice and Salad:

For a more carb-conscious option, check out the Fraser Valley Juice and Salad bar, offering  made-to-order salads and smoothies, and fresh squeezed juices in invigorating combinations like orange, mint and ginger.



No sugar added almond toffees from The Candy Kitchen

The Candy Kitchen:

For a sweet finish to your meal, head to the Candy Kitchen where you’ll find a collection of lollipops, bonbons and other treats. Handmade chocolates to watch for include cocoa-covered fortune cookies, and their no-sugar-added almond toffees, sweetened with molitol.


Duso’s Italian Specialty Foods:

After your market feast, you may want to take some goodies home with you. We recommend you start with Duso’s for freshly made pastas, beautiful oils, and plump olives for an authentic homemade Italian dinner.


Oyama Sausage Company:

Next on your list, pay a visit to Oyama Sausage Company for a staggering selection of cheeses and meats to enjoy with your dinner or tomorrow’s lunch. Straight from the family-run farm to your hands, Oyama believes in pasture raised heritage breeds, and their careful and conscious approach to meats and cheeses is definitely noticeable in the excellent quality of their products.



Dessert sauces from The Stock Market

The Stock Market:

For something special to enjoy with your homemade desserts, stop by The Stock Market for mouth-watering creations like fresh peach and caramel dessert sauce, along with an impressive selection of chutneys, soups, and (as their clever name indicates) stock!



West Coast Gourmet Snacks:

For something to share with friends or even to snack on during the trip home, check out West Coast Gourmet Snacks. Addictive munchies like Capilano Caramel Corn, Monkey Mix and garlic covered Granville Island peanuts are recommended.


Fresh fruit from Four Seasons Farm

Four Seasons Farms:

No trip to Granville Island would be complete without checking out the colourful produce. Fresh, bright and flavourful, stands like Four Seasons will send you on your way with very full bags of some of the best fruits and veggies you’ll ever try.


Granville Island Public Market, 1689 Johnston St Vancouver, BC (604) 666-5784





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